Interested in selling Highline gear at your track or botique? See below for more deatils, and fill out the form below when you're ready to sign up!


Please make a note of the following items when applying for a wholesale account:

  1. We require a minimum wholesale order of $300. You can mix and match the sizes, colors, etc. as long as the minimum cart is $300.
  2. 10% of your total product amount will be added to your total for shipping charges. A $300 order will yield a $30 shipping charge.
  3. When your order arrives, you have 3 days to inspect and report any damage to us. After 3 days, no returns or exchanges will be allowed and all sales will be final.
  4. You must provide us a resale tax ID before purchase. Taxes will not be charged on your wholesale order if ID number is furnished.
  5. That's it! When you're ready, please fill out the form below to get started!