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Hi All!

2019 was an amazing yeah of growth of Highline, and we simply couldn't have done it without all of your love and support.. Thank you for being a part of our community! As we get into 2020, we are excited about a few changes in the shop that we wanted to share with you.

1. Most of our shirts will now have many color options. We tried last year to go to single color options, but miss the ability for you to choose your color to match your race team colors, or simply just your favorite colors. We also have a bit more space to work with and can keep more inventory in stock. Most shirts will ship in 2 business days or less, but because the shirts are made as they are ordered, please allow up to 5 business day for shipment. We will be transitioning our listings during the month of February. 

2. Our track rep program is off to a great start! Many ladies with various racing backgrounds will be repping our brand at their local (and national) shows! They each have a unique link you can shop from and starting February 7th, will offer a discount when you shop through their specific link. We will be sharing their posts as they post them in order for you to get to know them! Thank you to all who applied, we had over 300 applications this year!

3. We no longer have any sport other than racing. Although we behind Highline are big all around sports fans, you guys love your racing gear, and we will keep Highline true to that. We are excited to branch out into other forms of racing with Highline, and plan to open a sister company in March dedicated to lifestyle and sports shirts for women!

February 04, 2020 — Andre Training Collaborator

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