Dealing with Corona

Hey guys! As a small business, we can't thank you enough for visiting and supporting us during this crazy time! We hope that our products will bring some joy into your world and help get you ready to race when everything is back up and running again. We have decided to lower our Free Shipping threshld through the end of April to $35. This means that all orders of $35 or more will ship free in the US, no codes needed. 

We would like you to know that all of our products are created in a private workshop that is not open to the public. We have always and will always continue to wash our hands before creating and packing your items. A lot is still unknown with this virus, but we have read that the virus can only survive on cardboard for 24 hours and fabric up to 72 hours. By the time your package arrives to you, the virus should have expired, but you may wish to quarantine any packages or mail you receive for 24 hours just to be safe. We hope this provides a little reassurance, but please feel free to reach out should you have any questions!

Wishing you much love & health,

Nichole + Co

March 16, 2020 — Nichole MOSELEY
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Back to Basics

Thank you for being a part of our community! As we get into 2020, we are excited about a few changes in the shop that we wanted to share with you.
February 04, 2020 — Andre Training Collaborator