Meet Aly

Meet Aly

The last Friday spotlight is here! Thank you all for tagging along with us this season and learning about the amazing people behind our little company! We can't wait to do it all again next year!

Today we are so excited to introduce to you Aly, a big part of the behind the scenes action at Highline. Aly is not only a lifelong race fan, but most recently, the creator behind our instagram and facebook posts. Aly's hometown is Tucson, Az, but a Cali girl through and through, especially when it comes to 360 & 410 sprint cars. When not cheering on her favorites, Aly loves playing with her puppy chassis and taking him for walks or whatever random adventure she can find. She also just brought a brand new kitten into her life, and has 4 beef heifers. Three of them are in Madera, CA and one in Houston, Texas. They all have racing names: Stagger, Eldora, Hoosier and Throttle.

You can grab Aly's (or any of the rep's featured on our blog) discount code to save 15% on your next order. Thank you all for coming along with us this season!


October 22, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Chantel

Meet Chantel

Happy Friday again! This lovely Friday finds us smack in the middle of October. Are you ready for Halloween and all the spooky festivites? If you're not quite there yet, we're here to help. Add a little Fall spice to your closet with our Highline Fall tees...all on sale until sold out! Plus, grab a discount on top of the sale prices with any of our reps' the one below. Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

Today we introduce another Iowan, Chantel, who, like many of us, live for the sights and sounds around Knoxville Raceway. Chantel is a proud wife to her husband, a 410 sprint car driver, and proud mama to two sweet littles. Chantel has been an avid race fan since she was 2 and was runner up in the 2002 Knoxville Nationals Queens court!

You can find Chantel on instagram @dirtandstylebychantel, but be sure to grab her code for 15% off your order!

October 15, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Cori

Meet Cori


Yay for Friday! We are so happy to have you back in our lives. Y'all...we are almost to the end of our track rep spotlights, but we have a good one today!

Meet Cori, a sweet Minnesota girl who is passionate about racing, and spends her weekends supporting her hunk of a boyfriend while he's racing Midwest Modifieds in the Wissota sanction. When she's not at the track, Cori is typically wishing she was at a racetrack, but also loves playing and coaching volleyball and watching She's the Man. Cori has a 3 year old cat named Alfred, a 1.5 year old mini Aussie named Dexter, and a Jeep Compass named Janelle.

While you're shopping this weekend, be sure to grab Cori's code for 15% off your order! We hope you all have a fun and safe weekend at the races!


October 08, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Jaslyn

Meet Jaslyn

That first Friday of October feeling! Wishing you a happy first day of spooky season and coming in with a spooky new lineup of Highline gear for you today! Check out our new stuff, but first, meet one of our firecest reps who is her most comfortable in a firesuit, but can dress up with the best of em!
Jasyln Jones is our spotlight rep for this week. Y'all this girl is the definition of cool. Not only does she rip around Knoxville raceway on a weekly basis in her sprint car, but she celebrated her prom by dressing up, heading to the track, and strapping in her car, all in the same night! Jasyln is a true racer, and when she's not flying around Knoxville, she can be found watching racing or heading to find the newest treasure at her local thirift stores. The offseason finds Jasyln chillin to a good ol chick flick or hanging with her 3 dogs and 2 cats back home in Iowa. 
You can follow along with Jaslyn's racing adventures below, or grab her code to save on your next order!
  • Instagram- Jaslyn43j
  • Facebook- Jones Family Racing
September 30, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Another Friday has found us and although Fall is creeping in here in the states, in Australia, Spring has sprung! Our rep today hails all the way from Perth, Western Australia, and is a shining star on the late model scene. This past race season was Laura's first, but she stole the show and earned Rookie of the Year in her dirt late model. 
When not at the track Laura enjoys work on the racecar, heading to the beach or adventures around the state, and shopping! She is always on the hunt for Dippin Dots or fueling her obsession with Titanic.                                                                 
In Laura's words: "  I started racing in dirt track when i was 11 years old and have raced in over 6 different divisions in my career. I'm actually a first generation racer - so noone else in my family has raced or had an interest in speedway. I'm only 4 foot 11 (150cms) so im really determined to show that your height, size and background are not as important as your desire to succeed in Motorsport. There's no excuses - if you want to be in motorsport, you just have to take the leap and trust the process!"
You can follow along with Laura's racing carrer at below, or grab her code LBYRNES to save 15% on your next order!                                                       
September 24, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Cara & Tyler

Meet Cara & Tyler

Hello Again Friday! As we wind down the season, we're also coming to the end of our track rep spotlights for the year 😢, but we're not done yet! Today we are so happy to introduce you to Cara & Tyler Horst. A dynamic racing couple from the Waynesboro area.
Cara & Tyler have the coolest racetrack story! Not only do they spend their downtime racing go karts, but they also got engaged at the Dirt Track in Charlotte in 2018 during the Craftsman Tool Box challenge. On top of that, Tyler has won the Super Late Model Championship in Winchester, VA in 2019 and Cara won Ms. Racing Xtravaganza in 2019. They truly have racing in their blood. 
When they're not doing all the racing things,  Cara enjoys crafting and being creative & Tyler enjoys hunting during the off season. They also love hanging out with our family, friends & their 2 fur babies: Boone, a five year old German Shepard Mix and Hazel and 1 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. They both love watching the races!
You can follow them at their links below & don't forget to grab their code to save 15% on your order!
Facebook: Cara Horst
Instagram: cara.horst
Facebook: Tyler Horst Racing
Instagram: tylerhorstracing14
September 17, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda

Wow, you guys, we've made it to Labor Day weekend already somehow. We know for some of you, your seasons are ending really soon 😭, and we hate to see the season end, but we'll always be here for you, raceday or not!
Our rep spotlight today is Amanda, a true California beauty, and a part of Highline for the past two years! Amanda grew up in San Jose, CA (lived there for 19 years) and currently lives in a small town called Santa Nella, CA while studying Radiologic Technology in hopes to become an X-Ray Tech in the future. 
She is such a busy bee between school and work (she currently works at Starbucks) that her only free time is on the weekend, which is spent at the races. If she's not at the races, she spends time with her family & boyfriend, heads to the beach, or goes on adventures. Amanda is a loyal sprint car fan having grown up around sprint car racing where her dad is a push truck driver, and boyfriend races wing and non-wing sprint cars. We are so proud to have Amanda on our team, and Highline on her dad's push truck! 
This weekend, grab Amanda's code (below) and save 20% on all your Labor Day orders..through Monday only!
September 02, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany

Happy Friday friends! Excited to intruduce you to another one of our fantastic Highline reps! This week, our rep exemplifies the life and world between Nascar and dirt track racing. Having grown up in North Carolina with her dad racing in Nascar for 25 years, Brittany is truly embedded in the sport of auto racing. When her dad retired, he picked up a love for the dirt track, and Brittany not only found the same love of dirt, but met the love of her life at El Dora while watching her dad race UMP modifieds. 
When not at the track Brittany and her husband love to travel, and spend time with her family and 3 dogs. They also love to head to the lake or grab drinks with friends in their hometown. 
In Brittany's own words: " I graduated with a bachelors degree in fashion merchandising and retail marketing. I recently started becoming an influencer on the side of my corporate retail job. I love sharing my life, my style, the in between’s, and working with amazing brands such as Highline!"
You can follow Brittany on her socials below and use her code to grab 15% off your next Highline order!
Facebook- Brittany Marie Pompe
Twitter - Brittany Pompe
IG- mrs_brittanypompe
August 26, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Shaina

Meet Shaina

Returning to our track rep spotlight this week...and dropping new Fall gear too! Be sure to check out everything that dropped today and don't forget to support our reps and use their 15% off codes! 
This week, we have one of our very first Highline customers turned rep in our Friday spotlight. Shaina has so swetly been part of our company almost since the very beginning, and we are so lucky to have her represent our brand in and around Michigan. Shaina cheers on her husband and two boys while they race a Wissota Midwest Modified & Junior Sprints for the 2021 season. When not at the track, the family enjoys boating and riding thier side by side.
In Shaina's words: " We are a racing family that started with my Dad. At one point myself, my husband (boyfriend at the time), my mom, and my brother were all racing against each other at our local track! I “retired” from racing to be a Mom, now I’m so excited to be a Race Mom this summer!!"
Be sure to use Shaina's code below to save 15% on your next order!
August 19, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

Hello Friday! And for our Sprint Car fans, hello Knoxville Nationals! We have a big week coming up! We're headed to Iowa to the 60th Knoxville Nationals, and will have our merch with us! If you're in the area, stop by and see us behind the grandstands during the 410 nats!
Our spotlight rep this week is hugely familiar with the Sprint Car world as she is a graphic designer, social media manager, and photographer for dirt track racing divisions across the country. Oh, and her boyfriend also races 410 sprint cars in the PA area. When Nicole is not headed to a racetrack, she enjoys going for adventures with my puppy, Knox. She also loves spending time with my family & friends, do-it-yourself creative fun, and enjoying a good glass of wine on my back deck.
Guys, if you need anything digital, Nicole is your new go-to. You can find her at any of the places below, as well as use her code to grab 15% off your orders!
August 06, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Laci

Meet Laci

Welcome to another edition of our Friday track rep spotlight! This week, we introduce you to Laci Ferno, a 16 year old micro sprint driver from North Carolina. We are so proud to have Laci carrying Highline with her on her car each week when she races at Millbridge. This is Laci's 3rd year in racing, and first year running a wing / non wing micro. When she's not hanging out at the track, you can find Laci with her great dane named Violet. Violet is 7 years old and weighs about 180 pounds. She’s the biggest baby you’ll ever meet and is full of personality. She is also scared of windshield wipers and rubber pigs. You can also find Laci on tik tok and follow her adventures at LaciFerno67.
July 30, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY
Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda

A new Friday, a new blog post, and new Highline gear! That makes a great start to the weekend! Let's first intruduce you to Amanda, a bracket (drag) racer from Oxford, Michigan. Amanda's passion is climbing into my dragster, buckling in, and hurling down the track only to make a split tenth of a second decision on what I need to do at the finish line to win. Bracket racing is fun, challenging, and competitive all at the same time. "I absolutely love being at the track and suiting up to drive. There is no better feeling!"
When not at a drag strip, Amanda can be found doing all the things! From working on house projects, visiting family, or vacationing (we love Las Vegas and Universal Studios Orlando).
In Amanda's own words: " I would be remiss if I didn’t want to shout out some thank you’s!! First one is to my awesome husband for giving me to opportunity to race and for always taking the time to teach me how to work on my ride. Second one goes out to my dad for instilling the mindset of hard work and dedication will get you what you want in life and for helping us with both of our rides. Last, to all of our friends and mentors along the way (too many to list) you know who you are. I hope you all know how extremely thankful I am for the guidance, laughs, and tough love you have given over the years. We wouldn’t be here without you!! Now let’s get to the track and make some passes!!"
Time to grab her code, grab some new gear, and have a weekend! Safe racing y'all!
July 23, 2021 — Nichole MOSELEY